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Everything you need to know about pre-employment background checks

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Who can check your criminal record Employers can check your criminal record no matter what role you apply for. Print entire guide. Related content Checks employers can make on job applicants Documents you need for a criminal record check. Explore the topic Finding a job. Employers are permitted to conduct background checks, including criminal history checks, on applicants and employees and, in some situations, are required by statute to conduct criminal history checks.

However, employers that are not required to conduct such checks should use caution when making employment decisions based on an applicant's or employee's criminal record.

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In addition, according to the EEOC, employers may only rely on a record of a criminal conviction if it is related to the job. Verification of Previous Employment. Background Checks and the Law Handout. Beyond Federal and EEOC laws and guidelines that govern Background Checks and the use of information for employment purposes, there are also State and Municipal laws and regulations that require employer compliance.

As State laws differ from state to state and are constantly changing, both RiskAware and Employers must stay up to date on how State legislation impacts background screening. RiskAware assists our clients with understanding State laws and regulations and when and how to apply them to background check processes and policies.

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In general, application of State law for Background Check compliance follows the state into which the candidate will work as well as the state in which the applicant currently resides. Note: This material is provided for informational purposes. Though this information may be helpful, it is not legal advice.

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The law is complex, is subject to change, and municipal, state and federal requirements must be interpreted for each companies background checks by your own legal counsel, to guarantee accuracy, currency and completeness. Several states have legislated restrictions for how long in the past Background Check information can be referenced and recorded into Background Check final reports.