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These censuses help the family historian fill in the gaps between the decennial federal censuses and are available at Ancestry. The City of Philadelphia, on the Delaware River, has been a major port of entry into the country since the s.

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Several excellent online and published lists for the port exist:. Collection of 30, Pennsylvania Immigrants from by I. R ; also available at FamilySearch. G3 S8 ; also available at Archive. T48 ; also available at Ancestry. E5 P47 ; also available at Ancestry. In addition to the Swedish, Dutch, and English settlers mentioned in the introduction, other important groups emigrated to and settled in Pennsylvania: Germans many from the Palatinate , Scots-Irish, and of course, Quaker.

While some individuals stayed in the Philadelphia region, others used old Indian trails and new roads, such as the Great Valley or Wagon Road from Philadelphia , through Lancaster, Gettysburg, to Western Maryland and into Virginia. For a more in-depth view of migration routes within Pennsylvania, consult the wonderfully detailed and heavily illustrated with maps, Indian Paths of Pennsylvania by Paul Wallace.

Swedish: New Sweden on the Delaware : by C. Weslager general history ; The Census of the Swedes on the Delaware by Peter Stebbins Craig family names and genealogical abstracts.

Periodicals represent the scholarly work of hundreds of local, state, national, and international societies and organizations. In a periodical, the family historian might find newly transcribed manuscript materials, indexes and abstracts of source materials, local genealogies, as well as newly uncovered information about residents of the area.

M45 M G32; also available on AmericanAncestors. P65 — online at the University of Pennsylvania with searchable index. P23 and F W48 Chronicling America offers full-text digital access to six 19 th century German-language newspapers from Pennsylvania. Also see the Library of Congress catalog for additional, onsite holdings. Nineteenth century city directories for Philadelphia and Pittsburgh may be accessed online.

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About two thirds of the manuscripts pertain to specific family surnames. The remaining manuscripts cover unpublished church and cemetery records as well as a few deeds and other land records. For church and cemetery records, the early settlement counties are especially well represented York, Lancaster, Bucks, Chester, Montgomery, and Philadelphia. Atlas of Historical County Boundaries. F7 A8 Pa. M4 G5 The Historical Society of Pennsylvania HSP in Philadelphia maintains the most extensive historical and genealogical collection in the state of Pennsylvania.

Multiple online subject guides, including one about researching Pennsylvania family history , assist the family historian.


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If your ancestor was a miner or a railroad worker, your first stop should be the HSP to explore their far-reaching manuscript collection. Pennsylvania Genealogical and Historical Societies — A listing of county genealogical and historical societies. Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh — a Pennsylvania-based genealogical research focused organization.

The Pennsylvania State Archives and the Historical Society of Pennsylvania hold documents which are valuable to family history researchers.

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Want to maximize your research? We offer a number of services that can help you break down brick walls and expand your research. Want research guidance from a professional genealogist? Our experts provide minute to two-hour consultations in person or by phone. County Government. County government, as provided for in the county codes, may be described as a "no-executive" type. The chief governing body is the three member board of county commissioners.

But there are also numerous other elected officials to a large extent independent of the county commissioners. These include the sheriff, district attorney, prothonotary, clerk of courts, register of wills, clerk of the orphans' court, coroner, recorder of deeds and two jury commissioners whose duties are mostly concerned with the work of the county court. Additionally, there are the elective offices of the controller or three auditors and the treasurer who are county finance officers. A public defender is appointed as provided by law.

The county commissioners, the elected officers and the county court individually or jointly appoint a number of other county officials and employes needed to carry out county functions by law. Whereas the 11 elected county officials are enumerated in the Pennsylvania Constitution, their powers and duties are prescribed by statutes which are scattered throughout the county codes and general state laws. Consolidation of certain elected offices is provided by state law in the smaller class counties involving the offices of prothonotary, clerk of courts, register of wills, clerk of the orphans' court, and recorder of deeds.

County records are grouped by office. Accompanying these listings are statements of the date or dates of incorporation of each county, municipality, and school district. The records of an annexed municipality, with the exception of Allegheny City, are listed with those of the surviving jurisdiction. Information concerning the number of microfilm rolls in a records series is usually given after the series title and date. In cases where more than one series is filmed on a roll or group of rolls, the number of rolls involved is given following the last series title of the group.

Records actually filmed by the State Archives and projects involving film duplicated by the Archives, are followed by a local records project number. The designation LR is used to indicate the fact that the State Archives created or owns the master negatives.

The designation LC is used to indicate that the Archives only has user copies of negatives produced by the local government or by another historical repository. The designation LA is used to indicate that the Archives only has user copies of the negatives produced elsewhere but that it holds the original paper records. A majority of the microfilm rolls listed were generated by the Genealogical Society of Utah and are not coded. The following are microfilm copies of county records available at the State Archives. Archives staff cannot provide research in or copies of these records.

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See County Governments for additional records. Created on January 22, , from a part of York County. The county seat is Gettysburg. Board of County Commissioners. Recorder of Deeds. Register of Wills and Clerk of the Orphans' Court. Created on September 24, , from parts of Westmoreland and Washington counties.

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The county seat is Pittsburgh. Created on March 12, , from parts of Allegheny, Lycoming and Westmoreland counties. The county seat is Kittanning. Created on March 12, , from parts of Allegheny and Washington counties. The county seat is Beaver. Created on March 9, , from a part of Cumberland County. The county seat is Bedford. Prothonotary and Clerk of Courts. Created on March 11, , from parts of Chester, Lancaster and Philadelphia counties. The county seat is Reading.

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Created on February 20, from parts of Huntingdon and Bedford Counties. The county seat is Hollidaysburg. Its name was changed to Bradford County on March 24, The county seat is Towanda. One of the three original counties created by William Penn in The county seat is Doylestown. Created on March 12, , from a part of Allegheny County. The county seat is Butler. Created on March 26, , from parts of Huntingdon and Somerset counties.