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Acknowledgment of Parentage. Court Ordered Parentage. Denial of Parentage. Rescission of Parentage. Rule Making. Sex Designation Change on a Birth Certificate. Single Status Letter. We only change the names on birth certificates for: People who were born in Washington State. Parents who have had a legal name change and are changing their name on a birth certificate for a child who was born in Washington State. The court order will be returned to you.

Certified copies of court orders have an original signature or raised seal from the court clerk. We cannot accept photo copies. We will exchange birth certificates up to one year from the date issued at no charge. Form B11 - General declaration by passport applicant B14 - Declaration sex gender of passport applicant Download this content in pdf: Brochure - Have you changed your name We hope this helps.

My daughter is unable to get passport because when she was 6 years old we legally changed her name from her birth name to the last name of my new husband. He would only allow the name change in exchange for paying no child support. All of this was initiated and filed by him. He lived in a different county than we did. Now he has deceased and we have called every county we have lived in to try to find where these records are.

They did send us the papers telling us this had been done in August of From first grade on she used her new name. We must have had the documents at that time or the school district would not have rolled her under her new last name. Now she is married and it shows her married name and the new name we gave her but her birth certificate still shows her original last name. They will not give her a passport unless she can produce facts showing why her name changed from one to the othe.

Correct or change a birth certificate

How do we find out where these records were filed and how to get a copy of them so she can get a passport. The schools she attended back then have no record of it. Thanks for your help, Debbie. Thank you for you question. Given your situation, it sounds like you may need to contact the court system either in the county where the name change documents were filed, or perhaps at the State, to obtain a copy of those documents. Perhaps the vital record agency that issued the original birth certificate may be able to assist you, as they may have been notified about the legal change when it occurred.

Thank you, and we hope this is helpful for you. I want to get my last name changed. They only changed it on my birth certificate and not on my social so when I joined the military, they went by my social and not my birth certificate. What do I need to get it changed back to Mendez? Is it a long process? Does it cost a lot? Hello Alondra and thank you for your question.

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You have two options to rectify the discrepancies between your birth certificate and your social security card. The first option, which will likely be less expensive and less time consuming, would be to contact the Social Security Administration to apply to change your name on your social security card to match that which is on your birth certificate. The second option would involve legally changing your name back to Mendez and would require you to contact the court system where the original name change took place.

They should be able to offer you guidance and provide information regarding the fees and time frame involved. Hello Rose Ann. We apologize but we do not understand what you are asking. Can you please repost your question or email us at vitals. Hello Joshua. We recommend that you contact Vital Records again in the city and state where you were born as they are the ones who should be able to guide you through the process of getting your birth certificate corrected.

Find out if they can accept alternate forms of documentation to verify your identity such as school or work ID, utility bills etc. We wish you luck in this endeavor. I would like to change my name down to a shorter nickname. I was born in Georgia but I currently reside in California and have never been back to Georgia since leaving at 1 year old. How would I go about this? Hello Alex. To change your birth certificate, you will need to contact the Vital Records Amendments agency in Georgia for further guidance. What steps would we have to take to correct my husbands name.

When he was 10 yrs old his father passed away in an oilfield accident and the lawyers had his named changed which they took off his middle name and left his mothers maiden name added his fathers last name. They also never changed his ss and we are having a lot of trouble trying to straighten it out. What can or needs to be done? Hello Marcy. We recommend that your husband contact the amendments and corrections department of the vital records office responsible for issuing his original birth certificate.

Inquire as to what steps to follow in order to obtain corrected birth certificate. It is possible he may be required to get a court order to legally change or modify his name on his birth certificate.

In this case, he will need to contact the office of the court that handles name changes and then fill out and submit a petition for a change of name with the correct office. Hello Nicklas.

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We are sorry to hear about your situation. The first thing to do would be to contact the vital records agency where you were born to determine the requirements will be to amend your birth certificate to include your first name. Requirements can vary from state to state so we cannot give you a definitive answer. My husband now my ex-husband put down my stage name and he was supposed to correct this 16 years ago.

How To Change Name on Birth Certificate & S.S Card

I have tried to research on how to proceed. It would be amazing to get help on this. Hello Lisa.

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We will need a bit more information in order to offer you proper guidance. Please email us at vitals. He is two years younger than me but the certificate shows that we are the same age.

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